For 17 years, the Lithuanian group of companies Ergolain has been specializing in production of ergonomic furniture and in complex project management and implementation. We believe in the boldest solutions of interior design and in functional design, and for that reason we are constantly improving our knowledge, production processes, and introducing innovations. In particular, Ergolain turns its attention to research and development (R&D). All these are the reasons why we collaborate with the best architect companies and represent well-known world furniture manufacturers. To design ergonomic furniture for people and create lasting value for companies – this is the direction and the insight into the future chosen by Ergolain 17 years ago and followed up until now. 
We offer our customers only the most advanced and future-oriented solutions. While most of its competitors don’t even know what Office 2.0 system is, Ergolain introduces successfully the cutting-edge Office 5.0.

The constantly introduced innovations don’t go unnoticed: our products – standard office furniture systems – have won numerous awards. We are particularly proud of these projects: The Scholarly Communication and Information Center and Life Sciences Center of Vilnius University, the Science and Technology Centre of Kaunas Technical University. We are happy to have contributed to the creation of sustainable environment in Barclays and Swedbank and other companies such as Adform Lithuania and the Small Planet Airlines. In 2017, the staff and guests of the NATO headquarters in Brussels will be able to enjoy the furniture designed by the Lithuanians. To be a leader in the Baltic region is a pleasant and demanding task. The Ergolain group of companies, most carefully adapting its products for business, functionality and people, has been every day striving to confirm the appreciation of customers.